Thrift Store Bandit.

what are your top 3 memories of life so far? from Anonymous

That’s a tough one, a really good one I had was when I went to crystal cove beach with my old girlfriend for her birthday. We swam in the water, took a nap on the beach and then ate really good burritos at a place called Sharky’s. I enjoyed that day so much, I still think about it.

how was 22 jump street? :) from Anonymous

Also really good, it made me happy.

what's the last movie you've seen in theaters before ghostbusters? from Anonymous

22 jump street?

how was ghostbusters? from Anonymous

Super good! And seeing it with my friend made it even better, it was pretty nice seeing a movie that came out 30 years ago in a theater now.

Post a photo of your leg from Anonymous

I just posted one not too long ago :( but ok

You should get your arms tattooed if you don't have any already from Anonymous

I was thinking about it, but I already have my legs started, I want to keep adding to my legs.

Getting an MF Doom tattoo this week :)

I hope you have a good day. from Anonymous

I just saw ghostbusters in the theaters with my friend, my day is great so far :)